Chapter Three; I’m Thinking of a Number

This post is adapted from Marshmallow Math; Early Math for Young Children which emphasizes hands-on learning and mental math over written work and traditional exercises. Marshmallow Math puts the fun back into fundamentals!

Chapter Three; I’m Thinking of a Number

This little game helps young children learn the order of numbers without always starting at one and reinforces the concept that numbers change in size or magnitude. It also encourages logical thinking.Ch 3 Keon Thinking Bac_fmt

Simply choose a secret number between one and ten and then ask your child to guess what number you have chosen. If your child guesses the wrong number, let him or her know whether the number you are thinking about is smaller or bigger than the number they suggested. Repeat the process until they guess correctly. Try changing roles and attempt to guess the secret number chosen by your child.

Once your child knows how to read numbers, you might want to use a number line to play this game. Print out the numbers from one to ten on a piece of paper. Have your child circle numbers that are too small and cross out numbers that are too big. This will help your child to pin down the secret number.

Remember to play this game when your child is learning larger numbers, especially numbers ten to twenty. The odd names assigned to these numbers make them particularly difficult to recall.

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